Welcome! 😀

What is Devcrato?

Devcrato aims to connect the right dots and bring developers together by creating a platform that allows the developer-content that they share and create be treated as first-class content.

For now, we're focusing on live streaming coding content, with aspirations to bring more diverse content!

Who built Devcrato?

Devcrato is built by Yudi and Jung Woo, two college students who are really passionate about the idea of making educational knowledge more accessible. We enjoy hacking together side-projects that help us solve some of our needs and Devcrato was a result of our shared interest in watching developer-content recreationally.


While we both spend a decent amount of time watching gaming livestreams, we also like watching live-coding content on Twitch and Youtube. But the process of searching for interesting coding streams is not as intuitive as searching for gaming streams. We realized that the core of the problem is because developer-content is not considered as a first-class resource in many of these platforms, which makes it hard to connect the right streamers with the right viewers. We wanted to change that status-quo.

We watched a lot of live-coding streams and realized that being a content-creator is in fact a full-time job for many streamers. We’ve seen streamers on Twitch building projects out line-by-line; some starting out by learning how to code in HTML, CSS and Javascript with the help of their viewers, and slowly, over the course of a year, building full-fledged micro-saas’ on stream while open-sourcing libraries and frameworks they’d created along the way. All of these resonated with us, because at the end of the day, we are also geeks that love coding, building and shipping!